The ones along the way

Although the scenic view of an unfamiliar place might be breathtakingly beautiful, the best part about any new adventure is not the destination itself but rather the people you meet throughout your journey.

You can visit the same place over and over and have a completely different experience each time depending on who you have by your side.

“There is no such thing as strangers, just friends you haven’t met.”

This Summer I booked a trip to Spain using a company called “EF Ultimate Break.” This company allows you to travel by yourself at a discounted price and meet other solo travelers when you arrive at your destination. The eight days I was there, I met people from all over the world who made my Spain experience one I will never forget. The people who were once strangers I met at the airport slowly became my friends as we explored Barcelona together and swapped life stories over Sangrias at dinner. My roommate that I met while I was there even flew into my hometown to celebrate my 21st Birthday this past weekend.

Traveling is very rewarding because not only do you get to see extraordinary sights but it also gives you the opportunity to meet people who share similar interests as you. It gives you a chance to broaden your horizon and try new things, all while making friendships that will last long after you return home from your trip.

Published by Tori Pope

Hey friends, my name is Tori!! I’ve been living in a tiny house for the past 3 years where I’ve learned to live on a broke kid budget. I love traveling, I love making friends, and I really love cheeseballs. Through this blog I hope to share stories from the adventures I’ve been on and lessons I’ve learned from living on my own in my twenties.

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