Love will always speak louder than hate.

Tonight my heart hurts.

My heart hurts for George Floyd’s family, for his friends, and for the black community who face discrimination every day.

I will never know what it’s like to be a dark skinned person living in America and I will never experience, first hand, the fear and the struggles people face every day do solely to the color of their skin.

I’m not black but I see you, my heart breaks for you, and I mourn with you over the loss of an innocent life that was taken by an evil person.

In the same way my heart is broken for George Floyd’s family, my heart also breaks for all the business owners whose livelihoods have been taken away from people ransacking and looting their stores.

I’m not talking about big corporations such as, Target and Kroger, whose CEO’s have billions of dollars and can rebuild within a blink of an eye. I’m talking about the small business owners, who make just enough money to feed their family and pay bills; business owners who have invested countless hours and their life savings to build a business worth having in a community.

Both of my parents own small business and I, myself, work for a small business, all of which have already been negatively affected by COVID-19. I watched my parents work very long hours to build their businesses in order to pay bills and feed my four siblings and I. I can not fathom what these store owners must be feeling during this time.

As I scroll through my social media, not only do I watch as hundreds of stores across our country get torn apart, robbed, and burned to the ground, I also watch as the same people who preach “love and acceptance” make comments encouraging and supporting these senseless acts of violence and hate.

I broke down in tears as I watched videos showing crowds throwing bricks at the windows of passing fire trucks as the fire fighters made their way through the streets to put out fires set by these barbaric people.

What kind of world do we live in where the same fire fighters who show up to protect their community, whether it be car wrecks, house fires, or even drug overdoses are now forced to wear bullet proof vests in order to protect themselves while they do their job.

While I’m saddened by most of the news tonight, I believe there is hope. I watch as the good, selfless people in communities unite as they sweep up debris in the streets and clean the faces of vandalized buildings. Police are joining in peaceful protest, while marching for the cause. People of all colors are coming together to help each other during a time when the media wants you to believe we are all divided.

There are good people and evil people and skin color does not determine which one of those people you are.

Although my heart hurts as I fall asleep, I am certain that love will always speak louder than hate and the sun will always rise, even after the darkest nights.

Published by Tori Pope

Hey friends, my name is Tori!! I’ve been living in a tiny house for the past 3 years where I’ve learned to live on a broke kid budget. I love traveling, I love making friends, and I really love cheeseballs. Through this blog I hope to share stories from the adventures I’ve been on and lessons I’ve learned from living on my own in my twenties.

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